January 2024 Workshop

Close the month with clarity. 

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This Workshop Includes:

As we step into the first month of 2024, let's explore into the numerology of our first yogic body - the Soul Body. By understanding these characteristics and being mindful of what to look for, we can navigate the month from a place of calm awareness, choose where our attention and energy flows, and be intentional about how we want to move into the next month. 

​​More Than Just Meditations

Tap into your flow state with guided journal prompts that will help you explore and understand the energy of our first yogic body.

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Over 5 pages of journal prompts

Go deeper with your personal practice by exploring how the energy of the month is showing up in your life.

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Get a sneak peek into what our HPS Live classes are like with the "From Head to Heart Meditation." 

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